Legal Entities

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Projects: Create a structure of entities


When it comes to creating a group of legal entities for the purpose of holding porpoises or for better geographical or jurisdictional oversight, it is possible to group these entities under a project and gain a comprehensive understanding of the relationships between the entities, ownership, and responsibilities.

Create a structure of entities

To create a project, several details need to be assigned, including a name, status, group affiliation (if applicable), activation status, current status, asset class (if applicable), and the corporate officer responsible for overseeing the project. On the second tab, it is possible to assign the entities that belong to the project.

Structure Charts

Once the project is finalized, on the "Entities" section of the chart overview, you can view the ownership of each entity and the relationships between them. It's important to note that these functionalities are subject to change soon in order to enhance their capabilities.
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